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Zebrafish Tg(EF1α:mAG-zGem(1/100))rw0410h Quality assurance of hematopoietic stem cells by macrophages determines stem cell clonality.
Human and Animal Cells Meth-A(RCB0464) Roles of the ribosomal protein S19 dimer and chemically induced apoptotic cells as a tumor vaccine in syngeneic mouse transplantation models.
Human and Animal Cells Hep G2(RCB1648) Hydroxyl Group Acetylation of Quercetin Enhances Intracellular Absorption and Persistence to Upregulate Anticancer Activity in HepG2 Cells.
Human and Animal Cells MC3T3-E1(RCB1126) Essential Amino Acid Starvation-Induced Oxidative Stress Causes DNA Damage and Apoptosis in Murine Osteoblast-like Cells.
Human and Animal Cells OST(RCB0454) Modulation of fas-mediated apoptosis in osteosarcoma cell lines.
Human and Animal Cells , Drosophila 293T(RCB2202) , DGRC#102491 The BCL-2 family protein BCL-RAMBO interacts and cooperates with GRP75 to promote its apoptosis signaling pathway.
Human and Animal Cells HHUA(RCB0658) Danazol enhances Fas-mediated apoptosis in human endometrial epithelial cells within normal physiology.
C.elegans tm3489 , tm5755 , tm1125 , tm6474 Autophagosomes fuse to phagosomes and facilitate the degradation of apoptotic cells in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Human and Animal Cells U-937 DE-4(RCB0435) The perturbed membrane of cells undergoing apoptosis is susceptible to type II secretory phospholipase A2 to liberate arachidonic acid.
Human and Animal Cells Jurkat(RCB0806) The endocytosis inhibitor dynasore induces a DNA damage response pathway that can be manipulated for enhanced apoptosis.
Human and Animal Cells Saos-2(RCB0428) Hydrogen peroxide overload increases adriamycin-induced apoptosis of SaOS(2)FM, a manganese superoxide dismutase-overexpressing human osteosarcoma cell line.
Human and Animal Cells Hep G2 , HeLa(RCB0007) Hepatitis C virus core protein inhibits apoptosis via enhanced Bcl-xL expression.
Human and Animal Cells Jurkat(RCB0806) Naturally occurring anti-band 3 antibody binds to apoptotic human T-lymphoid cell line Jurkat through sialylated poly-N-acetyllactosaminyl saccharide chains on the cell surface.
Human and Animal Cells Sawano(RCB1152) Induction of apoptosis and growth inhibition of cultured human endometrial adenocarcinoma cells (Sawano) by an antitumor lipoprotein fraction of rice bran.
Human and Animal Cells Hep G2(RCB0459) Glycyrrhizin inhibits TNF-induced, but not Fas-mediated, apoptosis in the human hepatoblastoma line HepG2.
Human and Animal Cells HHUA(RCB0658) Suppressed apoptotic susceptibility in human endometrial epithelial cells pretreated with hepatocyte growth factor.
Human and Animal Cells MCF7(RCB1904) Development of fluorizoline analogues as prohibitin ligands that modulate C-RAF signaling, p21 expression and melanogenesis.
Human and Animal Cells Jurkat(RCB0806) The effect of calcium on Fas-mediated apoptosis and secondary necrosis of Jurkat cells.
DNA material DKK3-FLAG (RDB19581) Dickkopf 3 attenuates xanthine dehydrogenase expression to prevent oxidative stress-induced apoptosis.
Human and Animal Cells KGN(RCB1154) Translation regulatory long non-coding RNA 1 (TRERNA1) sponges microRNA-23a to suppress granulosa cell apoptosis in premature ovarian failure.