RRC ID 57191
Author Zong W, Wang Y, Tang Q, Zhang H, Yu F.
Title Prd1 associates with the clathrin adaptor α-Adaptin and the kinesin-3 Imac/Unc-104 to govern dendrite pruning in Drosophila.
Journal PLoS Biol
Abstract Refinement of the nervous system depends on selective removal of excessive axons/dendrites, a process known as pruning. Drosophila ddaC sensory neurons prune their larval dendrites via endo-lysosomal degradation of the L1-type cell adhesion molecule (L1-CAM), Neuroglian (Nrg). Here, we have identified a novel gene, pruning defect 1 (prd1), which governs dendrite pruning of ddaC neurons. We show that Prd1 colocalizes with the clathrin adaptor protein α-Adaptin (α-Ada) and the kinesin-3 immaculate connections (Imac)/Uncoordinated-104 (Unc-104) in dendrites. Moreover, Prd1 physically associates with α-Ada and Imac, which are both critical for dendrite pruning. Prd1, α-Ada, and Imac promote dendrite pruning via the regulation of endo-lysosomal degradation of Nrg. Importantly, genetic interactions among prd1, α-adaptin, and imac indicate that they act in the same pathway to promote dendrite pruning. Our findings indicate that Prd1, α-Ada, and Imac act together to regulate discrete distribution of α-Ada/clathrin puncta, facilitate endo-lysosomal degradation, and thereby promote dendrite pruning in sensory neurons.
Volume 16(8)
Pages e2004506
Published 2018-8-1
DOI 10.1371/journal.pbio.2004506
PII pbio.2004506
PMID 30142146
PMC PMC6126864
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