RRC ID 67774
Author Homma Y, Fukuda M.
Title Knockout analysis of Rab6 effector proteins revealed the role of VPS52 in the secretory pathway.
Journal Biochem Biophys Res Commun
Abstract Rab small GTPases regulate intracellular membrane trafficking by interacting with specific binding proteins called Rab effectors. Although Rab6 is implicated in basement membrane formation and secretory cargo trafficking, its precise regulatory mechanisms have remained largely unknown. In the present study we established five knockout cell lines for candidate Rab6 effectors and discovered that knockout of VPS52, a subunit of the GARP complex, resulted in attenuated secretion and lysosomal accumulation of secretory cargos, the same as Rab6-knockout does. We also evaluated the functional importance of the previously uncharacterized C-terminal region of VPS52 for restoring these phenotypes, as well as for the sorting of lysosomal proteins. Our findings suggest that VPS52 is an effector protein that is responsible for the Rab6-dependent secretory cargo trafficking.
Volume 561
Pages 151-157
Published 2021-7-5
DOI 10.1016/j.bbrc.2021.05.009
PII S0006-291X(21)00778-6
PMID 34023780
IF 2.985
DNA material pMRX-puro-FLAG-hVPS52 (RDB18998) pMRX-puro-FLAG-hVPS52_N670 (RDB18999) pMRX-puro-FLAG-hVPS52_N556 (RDB19000) pMRX-puro-FLAG-hVPS52_N410 (RDB19001) pMRX-bsr-ss-sfGFP (RDB19002)