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Author Hirata D, Kishimoto N, Suda M, Sogabe Y, Nakagawa S, Yoshida Y, Sakai K, Mizunuma M, Miyakawa T, Ishiguro J, Toda T.
Title Fission yeast Mor2/Cps12, a protein similar to Drosophila Furry, is essential for cell morphogenesis and its mutation induces Wee1-dependent G(2) delay.
Journal EMBO J.
Abstract Fission yeast cells identify growing regions at the opposite ends of the cell, producing the rod-like shape. The positioning of the growth zone(s) and the polarized growth require CLIP170-like protein Tip1 and the Ndr kinase Orb6, respectively. Here, we show that the mor2/cps12 mutation disrupts the localization of F-actin at the cell ends, producing spherical cells and concomitantly inducing a G(2) delay at 36 degrees C. Mor2 is important for the localization of F-actin at the cell end(s) but not at the medial region, and is essential for the restriction of the growth zone(s) where Tip1 targets. Mor2 is homologous to the Drosophila Furry protein, which is required to maintain the integrity of cellular extensions, and is localized at both cell ends and the medial region of the cell in an actin-dependent fashion. Cellular localization of Mor2 and Orb6 was interdependent. The tyrosine kinase Wee1 is necessary for the G(2) delay and maintenance of viability of the mor2 mutant. These results indicate that Mor2 plays an essential role in cell morphogenesis in concert with Orb6, and the mutation activates the mechanism coordinating morphogenesis with cell cycle progression.
Volume 21(18)
Pages 4863-74
Published 2002-9-16
PMID 12234926
PMC PMC126291
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