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Human and Animal Cells L929 Functional roles of charged amino acid residues on the wall of the cytoplasmic pore of Kir2.1.
Human and Animal Cells Colon-26(RCB2657) SPIO-PICsome: development of a highly sensitive and stealth-capable MRI nano-agent for tumor detection using SPIO-loaded unilamellar polyion complex vesicles (PICsomes).
General Microbes JCM1433 Growth-associated catabolic potential of Acetoanaerobium sticklandii DSM 519 on gelatin and amino acids.
Human and Animal Cells COS-7(RCB0539) Required structure of cationic peptide for oligonucleotide-binding and -delivering into cells.
General Microbes JCM21105 , JCM1353 , JCM12165 Calcite formation induced by Ensifer adhaerens, Microbacterium testaceum, Paeniglutamicibacter kerguelensis, Pseudomonas protegens and Rheinheimera texasensis.
General Microbes JCM1433 A metabolic study to decipher amino acid catabolism-directed biofuel synthesis in Acetoanaerobium sticklandii DSM 519.
Algae NIES-27 , NIES-39 , NIES-49 , NIES-2170 Mammalian cell cultivation using nutrients extracted from microalgae.
Prokaryotes E. coli MC4100 A photo-cross-linking approach to monitor folding and assembly of newly synthesized proteins in a living cell.
Prokaryotes E. coli Keio mutant collection, ASKA plasmid library Peptidoglycan hydrolase of an unusual cross-link cleavage specificity contributes to bacterial cell wall synthesis.
General Microbes JCM 15790 Physicochemical properties, production, and biological functionality of poly-γ-d-glutamic acid with constant molecular weight from halotolerant Bacillus sp. SJ-10.
General Microbes JCM 12802 A Novel Thermostable GH3 β-Glucosidase from Talaromyce leycettanus with Broad Substrate Specificity and Significant Soybean Isoflavone Glycosides-Hydrolyzing Capability.
Prokaryotes E. coli Insight into determinants of substrate binding and transport in a multidrug efflux protein.
Prokaryotes E. coli Real-time metabolome profiling of the metabolic switch between starvation and growth.
General Microbes JCM 30982 Rectinema cohabitans gen. nov., sp. nov., a rod-shaped spirochaete isolated from an anaerobic naphthalene-degrading enrichment culture.
DNA material MiCy-DEVD-mKO1/pCS2 (RDB15240) , mMiCy1/pRSETB (RDB15241) , hmKO1/pRSETB (RDB15312) , hmKO2/pRSETB (RDB15313) , CoralHue™ Kusabira-Orange 1 (pKO1-S1) (RDB18253) , CoralHue™ humanized Kusabira-Orange 1 (phKO1-S1) (RDB18254) , CoralHue™ humanized Kusabira-Orange 1 (phKO1-MC1) (RDB18255) , CoralHue™ humanized Kusabira-Orange 1 (phKO1-MN1) (RDB18256) , CoralHue™ humanized monomeric Kusabira-Orange 1 (phmKO1-MNL) (RDB18257) , CoralHue™ monomeric Kusabira-Orange 1 (pmKO1-S1) (RDB18258) , ... Cyan-emitting and orange-emitting fluorescent proteins as a donor/acceptor pair for fluorescence resonance energy transfer.
General Microbes JCM 14630 , JCM 14631 Salinicoccus amylolyticus sp. nov., isolated from a saltern.
DNA material pcDNA3.1-hTRPV1-FLAG WT (RDB14587) , pcDNA3.1-hTRPV1-FLAG-C158A (RDB14588) , pcDNA3.1-hTRPV1-FLAG-L515A (RDB14589) , pcDNA3.1-hTRPV1-FLAG-L518A (RDB14590) , pcDNA3.1-hTRPV1-FLAG-L547A (RDB14591) , pcDNA3.1-hTRPV1-FLAG-T550A (RDB14592) , pcDNA3.1-hTRPV1-FLAG-I573A (RDB14593) , pcDNA3.1-hTRPV1-FLAG-F587A (RDB14594) , pcDNA3.1-hTRPV1-FLAG-F591A (RDB14595) , pcDNA3.1-hTRPV1-FLAG-L670A (RDB14596) , ... Detailed Analysis of the Binding Mode of Vanilloids to Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid Type I (TRPV1) by a Mutational and Computational Study.
General Microbes JCM 12611 Purification, characterization, and primary structure of a novel N-acyl-D-amino acid amidohydrolase from Microbacterium natoriense TNJL143-2.
DNA material , Prokaryotes E. coli BW25113-based RFzero-iy (RDB14427) , BL21(DE3)-based RFzero-iy (RDB14428). Genetic-code evolution for protein synthesis with non-natural amino acids.
Human and Animal Cells WI-38 Mycosporine-like amino acids extracted from scallop (Patinopecten yessoensis) ovaries: UV protection and growth stimulation activities on human cells.