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Human and Animal Cells Fbx15^(βgeo/βgeo)ES(AES0120) Fbx15 is a novel target of Oct3/4 but is dispensable for embryonic stem cell self-renewal and mouse development.
C.elegans NA Active chromatin marks drive spatial sequestration of heterochromatin in C. elegans nuclei.
Human and Animal Cells RAW 264(RCB0535) Zscan10 suppresses osteoclast differentiation by regulating expression of Haptoglobin.
General Microbes JCM 14847 Molecular mechanism for sphingosine-induced Pseudomonas ceramidase expression through the transcriptional regulator SphR.
Drosophila 5680R-2 Myc inhibits JNK-mediated cell death in vivo.
C.elegans tm1887 , tm1716 , tm1917 C. elegans rrf-1 mutations maintain RNAi efficiency in the soma in addition to the germline.
Human and Animal Cells Epigenetic silencing of CD8 genes by ThPOK-mediated deacetylation during CD4 T cell differentiation.
Human and Animal Cells Bcl6 is a transcriptional repressor for the IL-18 gene.
Human and Animal Cells MC3T3-E1(RCB1126) Mice Deficient in CIZ/NMP4 Develop an Attenuated Form of K/BxN-Serum Induced Arthritis.
Prokaryotes E. coli ME9062(BW25113) , JW2360-KC , JW3480-KC Induction of YdeO, a regulator for acid resistance genes, by ultraviolet irradiation in Escherichia coli.
DNA material 8xGT-IIC-LucII (RDB08067) , pCMV-Flag-Tead1 (RDB012170) , pCMV-Flag-Tead2 (RDB012171) , pMYs-Tead1-VP16-IRES-EGFP (RDB012172) , pMYs-Tead2FL-IRES-EGFP (RDB012173) , pMYs-Tead2-VP16-IRES-EGFP (RDB012174) , pMYs-Tead2-EnR-IRES-EGFP (RDB012175) , pMYs-Tead4-VP16-IRES-EGFP (RDB012176) , pMYs-HA-Yap1-IRES-EGFP (RDB012177) , pMYs-HA-Yap1 DTead BD-IRES-EGFP (RDB012178) , ... Mammalian Tead proteins regulate cell proliferation and contact inhibition as transcriptional mediators of Hippo signaling.
Yeast NA Suppression mechanism of the calcium sensitivity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae ptp2Δmsg5Δ double disruptant involves a novel HOG-independent function of Ssk2, transcription factor Msn2 and the protein kinase A component Bcy1.
Drosophila 5680R-1 , 8544R-2 , 12072R-1 Loss of the Drosophila cell polarity regulator Scribbled promotes epithelial tissue overgrowth and cooperation with oncogenic Ras-Raf through impaired Hippo pathway signaling.
Drosophila Fruitless specifies sexually dimorphic neural circuitry in the Drosophila brain.
Mice CAG-CAT-Notch1 Distinct roles for cell-autonomous Notch signaling in cardiomyocytes of the embryonic and adult heart.
Prokaryotes E. coli CV-41(JM109) , ME7986(MG1655) , ME9062(BW25113) ATP regulates calcium efflux and growth in E. coli.
C.elegans tm572 An antagonistic role for the C. elegans Schnurri homolog SMA-9 in modulating TGFbeta signaling during mesodermal patterning.
Zebrafish rw0 Zebrafish foggy/spt 5 is required for migration of facial branchiomotor neurons but not for their survival.
Zebrafish rw0 Cdx-Hox code controls competence for responding to Fgfs and retinoic acid in zebrafish neural tissue.
Human and Animal Cells CHO-K1 , C2C12 , 10T1/2 Reciprocal roles of MSX2 in regulation of osteoblast and adipocyte differentiation.