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Algae NIES-8 , NIES-254 , NIES-274 , NIES-286 , NIES-324 , NIES-331 , NIES-353 , NIES-381 , NIES-494 , NIES-623 , ... Taming chlorophylls by early eukaryotes underpinned algal interactions and the diversification of the eukaryotes on the oxygenated Earth.
Algae NIES-3708 Evolutionary Changes in DnaA-Dependent Chromosomal Replication in Cyanobacteria.
Algae NIES-144 Draft Genome Sequence of the Astaxanthin-Producing Microalga Haematococcus lacustris Strain NIES-144.
Algae NIES-35 Effects of chemical interaction of nutrients and EDTA on metals toxicity to Pseudokirckneriella subcapitata.
Algae NIES-48 , NIES-2293 , NIES-2463 , NIES-3640 Raman image-activated cell sorting.
Algae NIES-2238 Noninvasive and safe cell viability assay for Paramecium using natural pigment extracted from food.
Algae NIES-27 , NIES-39 , NIES-42 , NIES-73 , NIES-81 , NIES-87 , NIES-89 , NIES-100 , NIES-101 , NIES-102 , ... Cyanobacterial Classification with the Toxicity Using MALDI Biotyper.
Algae NIES-2235 Construction of cell-plastics as neo-plastics consisted of cell-layer provided green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii covered by two-dimensional polymer.
Algae NIES-2736 , NIES-2740 , NIES-3382 , NIES-3383 , NIES-3874 , NIES-4021 , NIES-4336 A new preferentially outcrossing monoicous species of Volvox sect. Volvox (Chlorophyta) from Thailand.
Algae NIES-48 Sequentially addressable dielectrophoretic array for high-throughput sorting of large-volume biological compartments.
Algae NIES-381 Inventory and Evolution of Mitochondrion-localized Family A DNA Polymerases in Euglenozoa.
Algae NIES-3787 , NIES-3804 , NIES-3806 , NIES-3807 Draft Genome Sequences of Four Microcystis aeruginosa Strains (NIES-3787, NIES-3804, NIES-3806, and NIES-3807) Isolated from Lake Kasumigaura, Japan.
Algae NIES-4344 , NIES-4345 First Report of Microcystis Strains Producing MC-FR and -WR Toxins in Japan.
Algae NIES-48 Enhanced production of biomass and lipids by Euglena gracilis via co-culturing with a microalga growth-promoting bacterium, Emticicia sp. EG3.
Algae NIES-48 Thermal, crystalline, and pressure-sensitive adhesive properties of paramylon monoesters derived from an euglenoid polysaccharide.
Algae NIES-48 On-chip light-sheet fluorescence imaging flow cytometry at a high flow speed of 1 m/s.
Algae NIES-1868 Dinoflagellates with relic endosymbiont nuclei as models for elucidating organellogenesis.
Algae NIES-3708 , NIES-3709 Characterization of the genuine type 2 chromatic acclimation in the two Geminocystis cyanobacteria.
Algae NIES-1 Questiomycins, Algicidal Compounds Produced by the Marine Bacterium Alteromonas sp. D and Their Production Cue.
Algae NIES-102 Genomic Characteristics of the Toxic Bloom-Forming Cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa NIES-102.