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Paramecium Yad1g1N (PB031010B) _
Paramecium HA5g (PBPB000045A) Efficient isolation and cultivation of endosymbiotic Chlorella from Paramecium bursaria on agar plates by co-culture with yeast cells
Paramecium Yad1g1N (PB031010B)) Characterization of the RNA-interference pathway as a tool for reverse genetic analysis in the nascent phototrophic endosymbiosis, Paramecium bursaria
Paramecium Yad1w (PB031012B) , Yad1g1N (PB031010B) The ciliate Paramecium bursaria allows budding of symbiotic Chlorella variabilis cells singly from the digestive vacuole membrane into the cytoplasm during algal reinfection
Paramecium Yad1g (ID PB031003A) Genetic Diversity of Symbiotic Green Algae of Paramecium bursaria Syngens Originating from Distant Geographical Locations
Paramecium Yad1g1N (PB031010B) , Yad1w (PB031012B) Autolysis of Chlorella variabilis in Starving Paramecium bursaria Help\r\nthe Host Cell Survive Against Starvation Stress
Paramecium M03c4 (PM020002A) A functional Aqp1 gene product localizes on the contractile vacuole complex in P. multimicronucleatum.
Paramecium Dd1g (PB032001A) , HK1g (PB033003A) , KM2g (PB031002A) , STL3g (PB034003A) Genome plasticity in Paramecium bursaria revealed by population genomics
Paramecium PA000019A , PA040011A , PA040015A , PA041001A , PA042002A , PC000030A , PC000044A , PC000060A , PC000061A , PC000101A , ... Peculiar Paramecium hosts fail to establish a stable intracellular relationship with Legionella pneumophila
Paramecium d4-2 (PA040015A) Roles of Adenylate Cyclases in Ciliary Responses of Paramecium to Mechanical Stimulation.
Paramecium d4-2 (PA041003A) , 51 (PA040011A) What's Genetic Variation Got to Do with It? Starvation-Induced Self-Fertilization Enhances Survival in Paramecium.
Paramecium Yad1g1N (PB031010B) , Yad1w (PB031012B) OrbiSIMS Imaging Identifies Molecular Constituents of the Perialgal Vacuole Membrane of Paramecium bursaria with Symbiotic Chlorella variabilis.
Paramecium HA5g (PB000045A), HA5w Photosynthetic Endosymbionts Benefit from Host's Phagotrophy, Including Predation on Potential Competitors.
Paramecium Yad1g1N (PB031010B) ミドリゾウリムシとクロレラを用いた二次共生の成立および維持機構の解明の研究
Paramecium Yad1g1N (PB031010B) , Yad1w (PB031012B) , Yad1g1N (PB031010B) , OS1g1N (PB034002A) , OS1w (PB034006A) Localization of attachment area of the symbiotic Chlorella variabilis of the ciliate Paramecium bursaria during the algal removal and reinfection
Paramecium HA1g ( PB034004A) , HK1g ( PB031001A) , CT39g (PB033001A) , Dd1g (PB032001A) Variation and asymmetry in host-symbiont dependence in a microbial symbiosis.
Paramecium , Human and Animal Cells RB-1 (PC042001A) , MG-2-HU2 (PC000074A) , THP-1(RCB1189) Identification of novel Legionella genes required for endosymbiosis in Paramecium based on comparative genome analysis with Holospora spp.
Paramecium Ai253 (PC121100A) Influence of cellular shape on sliding behavior of ciliates.
Paramecium st110-1a (PT041001A) Crucial Role of Legionella pneumophila TolC in the Inhibition of Cellular Trafficking in the Protistan Host Paramecium tetraurelia.
Paramecium Paramecium属 レジオネラとその宿主としての原生生物