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Rice   Induced mutation lines   50432   Kurokawa Y, Nagai K, Huan PD, Shimazaki K, Qu H, Mori Y, Toda Y, Kuroha T, Hayashi N, Aiga S, Itoh JI, Yoshimura A, Sasaki-Sekimoto Y, Ohta H, Shimojima M, Malik AI, Pedersen O, Colmer TD, Ashikari M.   Rice leaf hydrophobicity and gas films are conferred by a wax synthesis gene (LGF1) and contribute to flood tolerance.   New Phytol.   2018 -3 -3       29498045   10.1111/nph.15070  
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes   pda02355   51231   Yoneyama K, Mori N, Sato T, Yoda A, Xie X, Okamoto M, Iwanaga M, Ohnishi T, Nishiwaki H, Asami T, Yokota T, Akiyama K, Yoneyama K, Nomura T.   Conversion of carlactone to carlactonoic acid is a conserved function of MAX1 homologs in strigolactone biosynthesis.   New Phytol.   2018 -2 -27   218(4)   1522-1533   29479714   10.1111/nph.15055  
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes   pst10735 pst11173 pst12599   51232   Desaki Y, Kouzai Y, Ninomiya Y, Iwase R, Shimizu Y, Seko K, Molinaro A, Minami E, Shibuya N, Kaku H, Nishizawa Y.   OsCERK1 plays a crucial role in the lipopolysaccharide-induced immune response of rice.   New Phytol.   2017 -12 -2   217(3)   1042-1049   29194635   10.1111/nph.14941  
Rice   CSSL   47288   Win KT, Yamagata Y, Doi K, Uyama K, Nagai Y, Toda Y, Kani T, Ashikari M, Yasui H, Yoshimura A.   A single base change explains the independent origin of and selection for the nonshattering gene in African rice domestication.   New Phytol.   2016 -11 -20   213(4)   1925-1935   27861933   10.1111/nph.14290  
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes   pst   48775   Petridis A, Döll S, Nichelmann L, Bilger W, Mock HP.   Arabidopsis thaliana G2-LIKE FLAVONOID REGULATOR and BRASSINOSTEROID ENHANCED EXPRESSION1 are low-temperature regulators of flavonoid accumulation.   New Phytol.   2016 -4 -30   211(3)   912-25   27125220   10.1111/nph.13986  
Barley   Barley seed samples   36135   Wu D, Sato K, Ma JF.   Genome-wide association mapping of cadmium accumulation in different organs of barley.   New Phytol.   2015 -6 -11   208(3)   817-29   26061418   10.1111/nph.13512  
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes   pst16228   38627   Ilk N, Ding J, Ihnatowicz A, Koornneef M, Reymond M.   Natural variation for anthocyanin accumulation under high-light and low-temperature stress is attributable to the ENHANCER OF AG-4 2 (HUA2) locus in combination with PRODUCTION OF ANTHOCYANIN PIGMENT1 (PAP1) and PAP2.   New Phytol.   2014 -11 -27   206(1)   422-35   25425527   10.1111/nph.13177  
Wheat   KU-1-1, KU-1-2, KU-1-3, KU-12013, KU-12014...   33212   Gornicki P, Zhu H, Wang J, Challa GS, Zhang Z, Gill BS, Li W.   The chloroplast view of the evolution of polyploid wheat.   New Phytol.   2014 -7 -26   204(3)   704-14   25059383   10.1111/nph.12931  
Lotus / Glycine   L. japonicus MG-20   35772   Kikuchi Y, Hijikata N, Yokoyama K, Ohtomo R, Handa Y, Kawaguchi M, Saito K, Ezawa T.   Polyphosphate accumulation is driven by transcriptome alterations that lead to near-synchronous and near-equivalent uptake of inorganic cations in an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus.   New Phytol.   2014 -7 -22   204(3)   638-49   25039900   10.1111/nph.12937  
General Microbes   JCM 22182, JCM 22183, JCM 22814, JCM 2220...   34102   Toome M, Ohm RA, Riley RW, James TY, Lazarus KL, Henrissat B, Albu S, Boyd A, Chow J, Clum A, Heller G, Lipzen A, Nolan M, Sandor L, Zvenigorodsky N, Grigoriev IV, Spatafora JW, Aime MC.   Genome sequencing provides insight into the reproductive biology, nutritional mode and ploidy of the fern pathogen Mixia osmundae.   New Phytol.   2014 -1 -1   202(2)   554-64   24372469   10.1111/nph.12653  
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes   pda07541   30739   Yotsui I, Saruhashi M, Kawato T, Taji T, Hayashi T, Quatrano RS, Sakata Y.   ABSCISIC ACID INSENSITIVE3 regulates abscisic acid-responsive gene expression with the nuclear factor Y complex through the ACTT-core element in Physcomitrella patens.   New Phytol.   2013 -4 -5   199(1)   101-9   23550615   10.1111/nph.12251  
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes   pda06133   52861   Kim HS, Abbasi N, Choi SB.   Bruno-like proteins modulate flowering time via 3' UTR-dependent decay of SOC1 mRNA.   New Phytol.   2013 -2 -27   198(3)   747-56   23437850   10.1111/nph.12181  
Barley     30203   Sakuma S, Pourkheirandish M, Hensel G, Kumlehn J, Stein N, Tagiri A, Yamaji N, Ma JF, Sassa H, Koba T, Komatsuda T.   Divergence of expression pattern contributed to neofunctionalization of duplicated HD-Zip I transcription factor in barley.   New Phytol.   2013 -1 -9   197(3)   939-48   23293955   10.1111/nph.12068  
Lotus / Glycine   L. burttii B-303, L. filicaulis, Lj ecotypes ‘Miy...   30978   Gossmann JA, Markmann K, Brachmann A, Rose LE, Parniske M.   Polymorphic infection and organogenesis patterns induced by a Rhizobium leguminosarum isolate from Lotus root nodules are determined by the host genotype.   New Phytol.   2012 -9 -7   196(2)   561-73   22950721   10.1111/j.1469-8137.2012.04281.x  
Wheat   KU-2022, KU-2059, KU-2069, KU-2025, KU-2110...   25672   Hatano H, Mizuno N, Matsuda R, Shitsukawa N, Park P, Takumi S.   Dysfunction of mitotic cell division at shoot apices triggered severe growth abortion in interspecific hybrids between tetraploid wheat and Aegilops tauschii.   New Phytol.   2012 -3 -23   194(4)   1143-54   22436033   10.1111/j.1469-8137.2012.04125.x  
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes   pda02441   15336   Yang Y, Jin H, Chen Y, Lin W, Wang C, Chen Z, Han N, Bian H, Zhu M, Wang J.   A chloroplast envelope membrane protein containing a putative LrgB domain related to the control of bacterial death and lysis is required for chloroplast development in Arabidopsis thaliana.   New Phytol.   2011 -9 -16   193(1)   81-95   21916894   10.1111/j.1469-8137.2011.03867.x  
Lotus / Glycine   miyakojima MG-20   11873   Hijikata N, Murase M, Tani C, Ohtomo R, Osaki M, Ezawa T.   Polyphosphate has a central role in the rapid and massive accumulation of phosphorus in extraradical mycelium of an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus.   New Phytol.   2010 -4 -23   186(2)   285-9   20409186   10.1111/j.1469-8137.2009.03168.x  
Algae   NIES-136,NIES-462,NIES-560,NIES-605,NIES-1303   21742   Guidi-Rontani C, Maheswari U, Jabbari K, Bowler C.   Comparative ecophysiology and genomics of the toxic unicellular alga Fibrocapsa japonica.   New Phytol.   2009 -11 -17   185(2)   446-58   19912547   10.1111/j.1469-8137.2009.03074.x  
Algae   NIES-48   26596   Hashimoto, H., Murakami, S.   Effects of cycloheximide and chloramphenicol on chloroplast replication in synchronously dividing cultured cells of Euglena gracilis.   New Phytol.   1983   94,   521-529.      
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