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Species Resource name RRC ID Author Title Journal Published Volume Pages Pubmed ID DOI
Tomato   TOMJPF00001   47767   Kudo T, Sasaki Y, Terashima S, Matsuda-Imai N, Takano T, Saito M, Kanno M, Ozaki S, Suwabe K, Suzuki G, Watanabe M, Matsuoka M, Takayama S, Yano K.   Identification of reference genes for quantitative expression analysis using large-scale RNA-seq data of Arabidopsis thaliana and model crop plants.   Genes Genet Syst.   2016 -10 -13   91(2)   111-125   27040147   10.1266/ggs.15-00065  
Morning Glory   AK124   36404   Hoshino A, Yoneda Y, Kuboyama T.   A Stowaway transposon disrupts the InWDR1 gene controlling flower and seed coloration in a medicinal cultivar of the Japanese morning glory.   Genes Genet Syst.   2016 -4 -12       27074980   10.1266/ggs.15-00062  
Wheat     36341   Hirao K, Nishijima R, Sakaguchi K, Takumi S.   Fine mapping of Hch1, the causal D-genome gene for hybrid chlorosis in interspecific crosses between tetraploid wheat and Aegilops tauschii.   Genes Genet Syst.   2016 -3 -23   90(5)   283-91   26687862   10.1266/ggs.15-00035  
Rice   W1169W1171W1183W1185W1187W1189...   36025   Yin H, Akimoto M, Kaewcheenchai R, Sotowa M, Ishii T, Ishikawa R.   Inconsistent diversities between nuclear and plastid genomes of AA genome species in the genus Oryza.   Genes Genet Syst.   2015 -12 -18       26687860   10.1266/ggs.14-00063  
Wheat     36343   Nguyen AT, Nishijima R, Kajimura T, Murai K, Takumi S.   Quantitative trait locus analysis for flowering-related traits using two F2 populations derived from crosses between Japanese common wheat cultivars and synthetic hexaploids.   Genes Genet Syst.   2015 -9 -18   90(2)   89-98   26399768   10.1266/ggs.90.89  
Wheat     36342   Takumi S, Morimoto R.   Implications of an inverted duplication in the wheat KN1-type homeobox gene Wknox1 for theorigin of Persian wheat.   Genes Genet Syst.   2015 -9 -18   90(2)   115-20   26399771   10.1266/ggs.90.115  
Rice   W0630   36059   Inoue C, Htun TM, Inoue K, Ikeda K, Ishii T, Ishikawa R.   Inhibition of abscission layer formation by an interaction of two seed-shattering loci, sh4 and qSH3, in rice.   Genes Genet Syst.   2015   90(1)   1-9   26119661   10.1266/ggs.90.1  
Wheat   KU-2097   33238   Katkout M, Kishii M, Kawaura K, Mishina K, Sakuma S, Umeda K, Takumi S, Nitta M, Nasuda S, Ogihara Y.   QTL analysis of genetic loci affecting domestication-related spike characters in common wheat.   Genes Genet Syst.   2014 -9 -17   89(3)   121-31   25475935    
Wheat   LPGKU2100, LPGKU2101, LPGKU2102   33232   Ishihara A, Mizuno N, Islam RA, Doležel J, Endo TR, Nasuda S.   Dissection of barley chromosomes 1H and 6H by the gametocidal system.   Genes Genet Syst.   2014   89(5)   203-14   25832747   10.1266/ggs.89.203  
Wheat   KU-124, KU-2074, KU-221-13   33215   Jung Y, Kawaura K, Mishina K, Sakuma S, Kishii M, Ogihara Y.   Changes in genome-wide gene expression during allopolyploidization and genome stabilization in hexaploid wheat.   Genes Genet Syst.   2014   89(5)   215-25   25832748   10.1266/ggs.89.215  
Drosophila   14542R-1   28888   Aoyama N, Yamakawa T, Sasamura T, Yoshida Y, Ohori M, Okubo H, Iida E, Sasaki N, Ueda R, Matsuno K.   Loss- and gain-of-function analyses of vacuolar protein sorting 2 in Notch signaling of Drosophila melanogaster.   Genes Genet Syst.   2013 -5 -14   88(1)   45-57   23676709    
Rice   野生イネコアコレクション   28436   Wang YP, Bounphanousay C, Kanyavong K, Nakamura I, Sato Y, Sato T, Zhang HS, Tang LH, Ishikawa R.   Population structural analysis of an in-situ conservation site for wild rice in Laos.   Genes Genet Syst.   2013 -2 -16   87(5)   311-22   23412633    
Silkworms     22740   Yukuhiro K, Sezutsu H, Tamura T, Kosegawa E, Iwata K, Ajimura M, Gu SH, Wang M, Xia Q, Mita K, Kiuchi M.   Little gene flow between domestic silkmoth Bombyx mori and its wild relative Bombyx mandarina in Japan, and possible artificial selection on the CAD gene of B. mori.   Genes Genet Syst.   2013 -2 -16   87(5)   331-40   23412635    
Wheat   LPGKU2021, LPGKU2022,   33235   Joshi GP, Li J, Nasuda S, Endo TR.   Development of a self-fertile ditelosomic line for the long arm of chromosome 4B and its characterization using SSR markers.   Genes Genet Syst.   2013   88(5)   311-4   24694394    
Wheat   LPGKU2153, LPGKU2165   33234   Li J, Nasuda S, Endo TR.   Dissection of rye chromosomes by the gametocidal system.   Genes Genet Syst.   2013   88(6)   321-7   24789968    
Prokaryotes E. coli   JW1372-KC (ydbK), JW3895-KC (fpr), JW4023-KC...   31375   Nakayama T, Yonekura S, Yonei S, Zhang-Akiyama QM.   Escherichia coli pyruvate:flavodoxin oxidoreductase, YdbK - regulation of expression and biological roles in protection against oxidative stress.   Genes Genet Syst.   2013   88(3)   175-88   24025246    
Silkworms     22747   Yukuhiro K, Sezutsu H, Tamura T, Kosegawa E, Kiuchi M.   Nucleotide sequence variation in mitochondrial COI gene among 147 silkworm (Bombyx mori) strains from Japanese, Chinese, European and moltinism classes.   Genes Genet Syst.   2012 -3 -1   86(5)   315-23   22362030    
Wheat     25677   Iehisa JC, Takumi S.   Variation in abscisic acid responsiveness of Aegilops tauschii and hexaploid wheat synthetics due to the D-genome diversity.   Genes Genet Syst.   2012   87(1)   9-18   22531790    
Wheat     19709   Kitagawa S, Shimada S, Murai K.   Effect of Ppd-1 on the expression of flowering-time genes in vegetative and reproductive growth stages of wheat.   Genes Genet Syst.   2012   87(3)   161-8   22976391    
Wheat     25670   Matsuda R, Iehisa JC, Takumi S.   Application of real-time PCR-based SNP detection for mapping of Net2, a causal D-genome gene for hybrid necrosis in interspecific crosses between tetraploid wheat and Aegilops tauschii.   Genes Genet Syst.   2012   87(2)   137-43   22820387    
Barley, Wheat   KT003-005, KT003-001, RILWA1, オオムギEST   25693   Mizuno N, Nitta M, Sato K, Nasuda S.   A wheat homologue of PHYTOCLOCK 1 is a candidate gene conferring the early heading phenotype to einkorn wheat.   Genes Genet Syst.   2012   87(6)   357-67   23558642    
Wheat     25668   Okamoto Y, Kajimura T, Ikeda TM, Takumi S.   Evidence from principal component analysis for improvement of grain shape- and spikelet morphology-related traits after hexaploid wheat speciation.   Genes Genet Syst.   2012   87(5)   299-310   23412632    
Wheat   LPGKU2088, LPGKU2089, LPGKU2090, LPGKU215...   25694   Joshi GP, Nasuda S, Endo TR.   Dissection and cytological mapping of barley chromosome 2H in the genetic background of common wheat.   Genes Genet Syst.   2011   86(4)   231-48   22214592    
Yeast   FY14135   12631   Kanamitsu K, Ikeda S.   Fission yeast homologs of human XPC and CSB, rhp41 and rhp26, are involved in transcription-coupled repair of methyl methanesulfonate-induced DNA damage.   Genes Genet Syst.   2011   86(2)   83-91   21670547    
Rice   W1921, W610, W630 etc   15285   Takahashi Y, Shimamoto K.   Heading date 1 (Hd1), an ortholog of Arabidopsis CONSTANS, is a possible target of human selection during domestication to diversify flowering times of cultivated rice.   Genes Genet Syst.   2011   86(3)   175-82   21952207    
Wheat     25679   Takumi S, Koyama K, Fujiwara K, Kobayashi F.   Identification of a large deletion in the first intron of the Vrn-D1 locus, associated with loss of vernalization requirement in wild wheat progenitor Aegilops tauschii Coss.   Genes Genet Syst.   2011   86(3)   183-95   21952208    
Human and Animal Cells     6825   Komiyama H, Aoki A, Tanaka S, Maekawa H, Kato Y, Wada R, Maekawa T, Tamura M, Shiroishi T.   Alu-derived cis-element regulates tumorigenesis-dependent gastric expression of GASDERMIN B (GSDMB).   Genes Genet Syst.   2010 -2   85(1)   75-83   20410667    
Wheat   LPGKU2161   6463   Sakata M, Nasuda S, Endo TR.   Dissection of barley chromosome 4H in common wheat by the gametocidal system and cytological mapping of chromosome 4H with EST markers.   Genes Genet Syst.   2010 -2   85(1)   19-29   20410662    
Rice   W0630   10987   Ishikawa R, Thanh PT, Nimura N, Htun TM, Yamasaki M, Ishii T.   Allelic interaction at seed-shattering loci in the genetic backgrounds of wild and cultivated rice species.   Genes Genet Syst.   2010   85(4)   265-71   21178306    
Rice   W0630   10986   Thanh PT, Phan PD, Ishikawa R, Ishii T.   QTL analysis for flowering time using backcross population between Oryza sativa Nipponbare and O. rufipogon.   Genes Genet Syst.   2010   85(4)   273-9   21178307    
Wheat   1R-001~1R-187?   6103   Gyawali YP, Nasuda S, Endo TR.   Cytological dissection and molecular characterization of chromosome 1R derived from 'Burgas 2' common wheat.   Genes Genet Syst.   2009 -12   84(6)   407-16   20228578    
Drosophila     11641   Prigent SR, Matsubayashi H, Yamamoto MT.   Transgenic Drosophila simulans strains prove the identity of the speciation gene Lethal hybrid rescue.   Genes Genet Syst.   2009 -10   84(5)   353-60   20154422    
Prokaryotes B. subtilis   TMO310, TMO311   33602   Morimoto T, Ara K, Ozaki K, Ogasawara N.   A new simple method to introduce marker-free deletions in the Bacillus subtilis genome.   Genes Genet Syst.   2009 -8   84(4)   315-8   20057169    
Silkworms   o35   28742   Fujii T, Ozaki M, Masamoto T, Katsuma S, Abe H, Shimada T.   A Bombyx mandarina mutant exhibiting translucent larval skin is controlled by the molybdenum cofactor sulfurase gene.   Genes Genet Syst.   2009 -6 -27   84(2)   147-52   19556708    
Rice   Induced mutation lines   6953   Sunohara H, Kawai T, Shimizu-Sato S, Sato Y, Sato K, Kitano H.   A dominant mutation of TWISTED DWARF 1 encoding an alpha-tubulin protein causes severe dwarfism and right helical growth in rice.   Genes Genet Syst.   2009 -6   84(3)   209-18   19745569    
Barley, Wheat   LPGKU2269(Chinese Spring), TACBOW0116(Hordeum vulgare cv. Betzes),...   4443   Sakai K, Nasuda S, Sato K, Endo TR.   Dissection of barley chromosome 3H in common wheat and a comparison of 3H physical and genetic maps.   Genes Genet Syst.   2009 -2   84(1)   25-34   19420798    
Rice   CSSL   11423   Kubo T, Yamagata Y, Eguchi M, Yoshimura A.   A novel epistatic interaction at two loci causing hybrid male sterility in an inter-subspecific cross of rice (Oryza sativa L.).   Genes Genet Syst.   2008 -12   83(6)   443-53   19282622    
Yeast   JY741, JY746 ?   12628   Furune T, Hashimoto K, Ishiguro J.   Characterization of a fission yeast P(5)-type ATPase homologue that is essential for Ca(2+)/Mn(2+ )homeostasis in the absence of P(2)-type ATPases.   Genes Genet Syst.   2008 -10   83(5)   373-81   19168988    
Rice   W0107, W0137, W108, W120, W149, W59...   3841   Teranishi C, Yoshida K, Miyashita NT.   DNA polymorphism in the SUPERWOMAN1 (SPW1) locus of the wild rice Oryza rufipogon and its related species.   Genes Genet Syst.   2008 -10   83(5)   403-15   19168991    
Yeast   FY7708   4412   Yamada K, Hirota K, Mizuno K, Shibata T, Ohta K.   Essential roles of Snf21, a Swi2/Snf2 family chromatin remodeler, in fission yeast mitosis.   Genes Genet Syst.   2008 -10   83(5)   361-72   19168987    
Drosophila     22834   Murakami K, Toyoda A, Hattori M, Kuroki Y, Fujiyama A, Kojima T, Matsuda M, Sakaki Y, Yamamoto MT.   BAC library construction and BAC end sequencing of five Drosophila species: the comparative map with the D. melanogaster genome.   Genes Genet Syst.   2008 -6   83(3)   245-56   18670136    
Rice   C5924, W0106, W1945, W0108, W1588, ...   6977   Tsuchimoto S, Hirao Y, Ohtsubo E, Ohtsubo H.   New SINE families from rice, OsSN, with poly(A) at the 3' ends.   Genes Genet Syst.   2008 -6   83(3)   227-36   18670134    
Wheat   LPGKU2269(Chinese Spring), LPGKU2165(Gametocidal 3CSAT),...   3923   Endo TR, Nasuda S, Jones N, Dou Q, Akahori A, Wakimoto M, Tanaka H, Niwa K, Tsujimoto H.   Dissection of rye B chromosomes, and nondisjunction properties of the dissected segments in a common wheat background.   Genes Genet Syst.   2008 -2   83(1)   23-30   18379131    
Mice     5425   Liu YH, Takahashi A, Kitano T, Koide T, Shiroishi T, Moriwaki K, Saitou N.   Mosaic genealogy of the Mus musculus genome revealed by 21 nuclear genes from its three subspecies.   Genes Genet Syst.   2008 -2   83(1)   77-88   18379136    
Wheat   LPGKU2269(Chinese Spring), R001(Imperial), A.cy...   3924   Tsuchida M, Fukushima T, Nasuda S, Masoudi-Nejad A, Ishikawa G, Nakamura T, Endo TR.   Dissection of rye chromosome 1R in common wheat.   Genes Genet Syst.   2008 -2   83(1)   43-53   18379133    
Wheat   TACBOW 0034 TACBOW 0038 TACBOW 0269   19691   Garg M, Elamein HM, Tanaka H, Tsujimoto H.   Preferential elimination of chromosome 1D from homoeologous group-1 alien addition lines in hexaploid wheat.   Genes Genet Syst.   2007 -10   82(5)   403-8   17991995    
Mice     5275   Tsuda K, Tsuchiya K, Aoki H, Iizuka S, Shimamura H, Suzuki S, Uchida Y, Yonekawa H.   Risk of accidental invasion and expansion of allochthonous mice in Tokyo metropolitan coastal areas in Japan.   Genes Genet Syst.   2007 -10   82(5)   421-8   17991997    
Wheat   KT020-092(Akadaruma), S-615?, Ne1-S615(513?), Ne2-S615(506?)   3901   Sugie A, Murai K, Takumi S.   Alteration of respiration capacity and transcript accumulation level of alternative oxidase genes in necrosis lines of common wheat.   Genes Genet Syst.   2007 -6   82(3)   231-9   17660693    
Rice   W1822, W0610, W0170, W0106, W1681, ...   3838   Xu JH, Cheng C, Tsuchimoto S, Ohtsubo H, Ohtsubo E.   Phylogenetic analysis of Oryza rufipogon strains and their relations to Oryza sativa strains by insertion polymorphism of rice SINEs.   Genes Genet Syst.   2007 -6   82(3)   217-29   17660692    
Barley, Wheat   LPGKU2097, LPGKU2098, LPGKU2099, EST clones   2115   Ashida T, Nasuda S, Sato K, Endo TR.   Dissection of barley chromosome 5H in common wheat.   Genes Genet Syst.   2007 -4   82(2)   123-33   17507778    
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