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Species Resource name RRC ID Author Title Journal Published Volume Pages Pubmed ID DOI
Lotus / Glycine   Miyakojima MG-20   3889   Akihiro Suzuki, Hisatoshi Hara, Tomoyo Kinoue, Mikiko Abe, Toshiki Uchiumi, Ken-ichi Kucho, Shiro Higashi, Ann M. Hirsch and Susumu Arima   Split-root study of autoregulation of nodulation in the model legume Lotus japonicus   J Plant Res.   2008   121 (2)        
Algae   NIES-3377   37143   Toda, K., Takano, H., Nozaki, H., Kuroiwa, T.   The second serine acetyltransferase, bacterial-type O-acetylserine (thiol) lyase and eukaryotic-type O-acetylserine (thiol) lyase from the primitive red alga Cyanidioschyzon merolae.   J Plant Res.   2001   114   291-300     10.1007/PL00013990  
Algae   NIES-229,NIES-65,NIES-64,NIES-228   31140   Sekimoto, H.   Intercellular communication during sexual reproduction of Closterium (Conjugatophyceae).   J Plant Res.   2000   113,   343-352.      
Algae   NIES-67,NIES-68   35007   Endo, B., Fujii, T., Kamiya, Y., Sekimoto, H.   Analysis of genomic sequences encoding a sex pheromone from the Closterium peracerosum-strigosum-littorale complex.   J Plant Res.   1997   110,   463-467.      
Algae   NIES-3377   32114   Ohta, N., Satao, N., Ueda, K., Kuroiwa, T.   Analysis of a plastid gene cluster reveals a close relationship between Cyanidioschyzon and Cyanidium.   J Plant Res.   1997   110,   235-245.      
Algae   NIES-2160,NIES-2170   26812   Takeda, H.   Chemical composition of cell walls as a taxonomical marker.   J Plant Res.   1993   106,   195-200.      
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