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Species Resource name RRC ID Author Title Journal Published Volume Pages Pubmed ID DOI
Human and Animal Cells     45291   Shibata Y, Tanaka Y, Tomita T, Taogoshi T, Kimura Y, Chikama T, Kihira K.   Evaluation of corneal damage caused by iodine preparations using human corneal epithelial cells.   Jpn J Ophthalmol.   2014 -11   58(6)   522-7   25230910   10.1007/s10384-014-0348-y  
Human and Animal Cells     43425   Nishikiori N, Sawada N, Ohguro H.   Prevention of murine experimental corneal trauma by epigenetic events regulating claudin 6 and claudin 9.   Jpn J Ophthalmol.   2008 -5   52(3)   195-203   18661270   10.1007/s10384-008-0524-z  
Human and Animal Cells     43213   Li HW, Yao K, Jin HY, Sun LX, Lu DQ, Yu YB.   Proteomic analysis of human lens epithelial cells exposed to microwaves.   Jpn J Ophthalmol.   2007 -11   51(6)   412-6   18158590   10.1007/s10384-007-0483-9  
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