RRC ID 30433
Author Tateno M, Nishida Y, Adachi-Yamada T.
Title Regulation of JNK by Src during Drosophila development.
Journal Science
Abstract In Drosophila, the Jun amino-terminal kinase (JNK) homolog Basket (Bsk) is required for epidermal closure. Mutants for Src42A, a Drosophila c-src protooncogene homolog, are described. Src42A functions in epidermal closure during both embryogenesis and metamorphosis. The severity of the epidermal closure defect in the Src42A mutant depended on the amount of Bsk activity, and the amount of Bsk activity depended on the amount of Src42A. Thus, activation of the Bsk pathway is required downstream of Src42A in epidermal closure. This work confirms mammalian studies that demonstrated a physiological link between Src and JNK.
Volume 287(5451)
Pages 324-7
Published 2000-1-14
PII 8144
PMID 10634792
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