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Human and Animal Cells WI-38 Factors in bovine colostrum that enhance the migration of human fibroblasts in type I collagen gels.
Human and Animal Cells 293T(RCB2202) Identification of sinensetin and nobiletin as major antitrypanosomal factors in a citrus cultivar.
Human and Animal Cells Hep G2 Cholesterol attenuates cytoprotective effects of phosphatidylcholine against bile salts.
General Microbes JCM 5885 Production of bacteriocin by Leuconostoc mesenteroides 406 isolated from Mongolian fermented mare's milk, airag.
C.elegans tm3647 DAF-16 employs the chromatin remodeller SWI/SNF to promote stress resistance and longevity.
Human and Animal Cells Purification and characterization of nontoxic protein complex from serotype D 4947 botulinum toxin complex.
Human and Animal Cells Purification and characterization of a novel high molecular weight exotoxin produced by red tide phytoplankton, Alexandrium tamarense.
Human and Animal Cells C2C12(RCB0987) Enamel matrix derivative gel stimulates signal transduction of BMP and TGF-{beta}.
Human and Animal Cells Mishandling of the therapeutic peptide glucagon generates cytotoxic amyloidogenic fibrils.
Human and Animal Cells RAW 264(RCB0535) Characterization of M. Tuberculosis-derived IL-12-inducing material by alveolar macrophages.
Human and Animal Cells Hepatocyte proliferation factors from neonatal pig liver: purification and characterization.
Human and Animal Cells ST2(RCB0224) Noggin blocks osteoinductive activity of porcine enamel extracts.
Human and Animal Cells CHO-K1(RCB0285) , COS-7(RCB0539) , HeLa S3 (SC)(RCB0271) In vitro gene transfection using dendritic poly(L-lysine).
Human and Animal Cells HL60(RCB0041) , K562(RCB0027) GH, GH receptor, GH secretagogue receptor, and ghrelin expression in human T cells, B cells, and neutrophils.
Human and Animal Cells Proteasome is a carrier to translocate doxorubicin from cytoplasm into nucleus.
Human and Animal Cells The 20-kilodalton (kDa) human growth hormone (hGH) differs from the 22-kDa hGH in the complex formation with cell surface hGH receptor and hGH-binding protein circulating in human plasma.
Human and Animal Cells NB1RGB(RCB0222) A one-step sandwich enzyme immunoassay for human matrix metalloproteinase 7 (matrilysin) using monoclonal antibodies.
Human and Animal Cells Binding properties of fibrinogen receptor GPIIb-IIIa purified from human erythroleukemia cells.
Human and Animal Cells NB1RGB(RCB0222) A one-step sandwich enzyme immunoassay for tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-2 using monoclonal antibodies.
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes pda02786 In vitro reconstitution of co-translational D1 insertion reveals a role of the cpSec-Alb3 translocase and Vipp1 in photosystem II biogenesis.