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Pathogenic microorganisms RIMD 0509952 , RIMD 1933006 , RIMD 1603014 Importance of Providencia species as a major cause of travellers' diarrhoea.
General Microbes JCM14330 Pigmentiphaga daeguensis sp. nov., isolated from wastewater of a dye works, and emended description of the genus Pigmentiphaga.
General Microbes JCM14599 , JCM12204 Kribbella aluminosa sp. nov., isolated from a medieval alum slate mine.
General Microbes JCM2014 , JCM2015 Genetic and physiological diversity of Tetragenococcus halophilus strains isolated from sugar- and salt-rich environments.
General Microbes JCM15019 , JCM15020 , JCM15021 , JCM15022 , JCM15023 , JCM15024 , JCM15025 , JCM15026 , JCM15027 , JCM15028 , ... Candida kashinagacola sp. nov., C. pseudovanderkliftii sp. nov. and C. vanderkliftii sp. nov., three new yeasts from ambrosia beetle-associated sources.
General Microbes JCM15039 , JCM15040 , JCM15041 , JCM15042 Lactobacillus kisonensis sp. nov., Lactobacillus otakiensis sp. nov., Lactobacillus rapi sp. nov. and Lactobacillus sunkii sp. nov., heterofermentative species isolated from sunki, a traditional Japanese pickle.
Pathogenic microorganisms IFM 40038 , IFM 47841 , IFM 47842 , IFM 47843 , IFM 47844 , IFM 47845 , IFM 47847 , IFM 47849 , IFM 47853 , IFM 47855 , ... Intra-strain variability of Cryptococcus neoformans can be detected on phloxin B medium.
Pathogenic microorganisms JCM 11958 Borrelia turcica sp. nov., isolated from the hard tick Hyalomma aegyptium in Turkey.
General Microbes JCM 14586 , JCM 14636 Isolation and physiological characterization of two novel, piezophilic, thermophilic chemolithoautotrophs from a deep-sea hydrothermal vent chimney.
General Microbes JCM 11486 Isolation and molecular characterization of genetically diverse antagonistic, diazotrophic red-pigmented vibrios from different mangrove rhizospheres.
Algae NIES-991 , NIES-992 , NIES-993 , NIES-1040 , NIES-1041 Morphology, genetic diversity, temperature tolerance and toxicity of Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii (Nostocales, Cyanobacteria) strains from Thailand and Japan.
General Microbes JCM 30350 Physiological and genomic properties of Thermus tenuipuniceus sp. nov., a novel slight reddish color member isolated from a terrestrial geothermal spring.
Pathogenic microorganisms IFM 5446 , IFM 5774 , IFM 5777 , IFM 40213 , IFM 40214 , IFM 40217 , IFM 46566 , IFM 47107 , IFM 47108 , IFM 47121 , ... New PCR primer pairs specific for Candida dubliniensis and detection of the fungi from the Candida albicans clinical isolates in Japan.
Pathogenic microorganisms IFM 46159 Genetic analysis of Histoplasma capsulatum strains isolated from clinical specimens in thailand by a PCR-based random amplified polymorphic DNA method.
Pathogenic microorganisms IFM 5854 , IFM 5855 , IFM 5857 , IFM 5875 New PCR primer pairs specific for Cryptococcus neoformans serotype A or B prepared on the basis of random amplified polymorphic DNA fingerprint pattern analyses.
Pathogenic microorganisms IFM 5815 , IFM 5880 , IFM 50894 , IFM 50896 New ITS genotype of Cryptococcus gattii isolated from an AIDS patient in Brazil.
Pathogenic microorganisms JCM 12278? , JCM 4667? , JCM 4138? , JCM 4646? Streptomyces glauciniger sp. nov., a novel mesophilic streptomycete isolated from soil in south China.
Pathogenic microorganisms JCM 1190? , JCM 10602? Polyphasic taxonomic analysis of Bifidobacterium animalis and Bifidobacterium lactis reveals relatedness at the subspecies level: reclassification of Bifidobacterium animalis as Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. animalis subsp. nov. and Bifidobacterium lactis as Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis subsp. nov.
Pathogenic microorganisms JCM 1113? Taxonomic note "Lactobacillus pastorianus" (Van Laer, 1892) a former synonym for Lactobacillus paracollinoides.
Pathogenic microorganisms JCM 12561? , JCM 12562? , JCM 2321? Metschnikowia viticola sp. nov., a new yeast species from grape.