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Barley Deder2 , Harumaki Rokkakumugi , Haruna Nijo , Kikai Hadaka , Tayeh 9 Over-expression of the barley Phytoglobin 1 (HvPgb1) evokes leaf-specific transcriptional responses during root waterlogging
Barley Haruna Nijo , Golden Melon , Mokusekko 3 , Haganemugi , Morex , Asahi 5 Genomic traces of Japanese malting barley breeding in two modern high-quality cultivars, ‘Sukai Golden’ and ‘Sachiho Golden’
Barley Haruna Nijo , H602 Extreme Suppression of Lateral Floret Development by a Single Amino Acid Change in the VRS1 Transcription Factor.
Barley Haruna Nijo Allelic barley MLA immune receptors recognize sequence-unrelated avirulence effectors of the powdery mildew pathogen.
Barley Haruna Nijo , Golden Promise Selection of transformation-efficient barley genotypes based on TFA (transformation amenability) haplotype and higher resolution mapping of the TFA loci.
Barley Mikamo Golden , Misato Golden , Haruna Nijo , Amagi Nijo , Miho Golden , KoA Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus VPg Is the Determinant Protein for Breaking eIF4E-Mediated Recessive Resistance in Barley Plants.
Barley Haruna Nijo , H602 Exome QTL-seq maps monogenic locus and QTLs in barley.
Barley Haruna Nijo , Golden Promise Genomic regions responsible for amenability to Agrobacterium-mediated transformation in barley.
Barley Haruna Nijo , H602 Mitochondrial genome sequences from wild and cultivated barley (Hordeum vulgare).
Barley Full length cDNA , Haruna Nijo A physical, genetic and functional sequence assembly of the barley genome.
Barley Haruna Nijo Duplicate polyphenol oxidase genes on barley chromosome 2H and their functional differentiation in the phenol reaction of spikes and grains.
Barley EST clones , Haruna Nijo , H602 Detection of seed dormancy QTL in multiple mapping populations derived from crosses involving novel barley germplasm.
Barley , Wheat EST Clones , H602 , Akashinriki , Haruna Nijo , LPGKU2085~2104 Chromosomal assignment and deletion mapping of barley EST markers.
Barley Hayakiso , Dairokkaku , Haruna Nijo The pseudo-response regulator Ppd-H1 provides adaptation to photoperiod in barley.
Barley EST Clones , Haruna Nijo , Akashinriki , H602 Extended application of barley EST markers for the analysis of alien chromosmes added to wheat genetic background.