RRC ID 12624
Author Nilsson D, Sunnerhagen P.
Title Cellular stress induces cytoplasmic RNA granules in fission yeast.
Journal RNA
Abstract Severe stress causes plant and animal cells to form large cytoplasmic granules containing RNA and proteins. Here, we demonstrate the existence of stress-induced cytoplasmic RNA granules in Schizosaccharomyces pombe. Homologs to several known protein components of mammalian processing bodies and stress granules are found in fission yeast RNA granules. In contrast to mammalian cells, poly(A)-binding protein (Pabp) colocalizes in stress-induced granules with decapping protein. After glucose deprivation, protein kinase A (PKA) is required for accumulation of Pabp-positive granules and translational down-regulation. This is the first demonstration of a role for PKA in RNA granule formation. In mammals, the translation initiation protein eIF2α is a key regulator of formation of granules containing poly(A)-binding protein. In S. pombe, nonphosphorylatable eIF2α does not block but delays granule formation and subsequent clearance after exposure to hyperosmosis. At least two separate pathways in S. pombe appear to regulate stress-induced granules: pka1 mutants are fully proficient to form granules after hyperosmotic shock; conversely, eIF2α does not affect granule formation in glucose starvation. Further, we demonstrate a Pka1-dependent link between calcium perturbation and RNA granules, which has not been described earlier in any organism.
Volume 17(1)
Pages 120-33
Published 2011-1-1
DOI 10.1261/rna.2268111
PII rna.2268111
PMID 21098141
PMC PMC3004053
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