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Zebrafish rw021(Tg(ath5:GFP) )? The hedgehog-PKA pathway regulates two distinct steps of the differentiation of retinal ganglion cells: the cell-cycle exit of retinoblasts and their neuronal maturation.
C.elegans tm2299 The Caenorhabditis elegans Eph receptor activates NCK and N-WASP, and inhibits Ena/VASP to regulate growth cone dynamics during axon guidance.
C.elegans tm403 p21-activated kinase interacts with Wnt signaling to regulate tissue polarity and gene expression.
DNA material 8x3'Gli-BS-delta51-LucII (RDB08061) , 8xm3'Gli-BS-delta51-LucII (RDB08062) A binding site for Gli proteins is essential for HNF-3beta floor plate enhancer activity in transgenics and can respond to Shh in vitro.
Drosophila Sqh is involved in the regulation of Ci stability in Hh signaling pathway.
Drosophila 1388R-1 , 1388R-2 , 7486R-1 , 5680R-1 , 5680R-2 , 2275R-1 , 2275R-2 , 5576R-1 , 5576R-2 Immune response to bacteria induces dissemination of Ras-activated Drosophila hindgut cells.
Human and Animal Cells Lipocalin2 as a plasma marker for tumors with hypoxic regions.
Human and Animal Cells Differential LC-MS-based proteomics of surgical human cholangiocarcinoma tissues.
Human and Animal Cells Gene amplification CCNE1 is related to poor survival and potential therapeutic target in ovarian cancer.
Human and Animal Cells RAW 264 (RCB0535) Inhibitory effect of 10-hydroxy-trans-2-decenoic acid on LPS-induced IL-6 production via reducing IκB-ζ expression.
Human and Animal Cells RCC10RGB (RCB1151) OS-RC-2 (RCB0735) TUHR4TKB (RCB1198) NUB1, an interferon-inducible protein, mediates anti-proliferative actions and apoptosis in renal cell carcinoma cells through cell-cycle regulation.
Human and Animal Cells Naturally occurring small-molecule inhibitors of hedgehog/GLI-mediated transcription.
Human and Animal Cells Hedgehog/GLI-mediated transcriptional inhibitors from Zizyphus cambodiana.
Human and Animal Cells FGF2 triggers iris-derived lens regeneration in newt eye.
Human and Animal Cells Bidirectional regulation of c-fos promoter by an oncogenic gip2 mutant of G alpha i2. A novel implication of retinoblastoma gene product.