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General Microbes JCM13598 Frondicola australicus gen. nov., sp. nov., isolated from decaying leaf litter from a pine forest.
General Microbes JCM13812 Marmoricola aequoreus sp. nov., a novel actinobacterium isolated from marine sediment.
General Microbes JCM14593 , JCM14594 Pedobacter lentus sp. nov. and Pedobacter terricola sp. nov., isolated from soil.
General Microbes JCM14732 Aeromicrobium ginsengisoli sp. nov., isolated from a ginseng field.
General Microbes JCM14968 , JCM14969 Kribbella catacumbae sp. nov. and Kribbella sancticallisti sp. nov., isolated from whitish-grey patinas in the catacombs of St Callistus in Rome, Italy.
General Microbes JCM14646 Sporosarcina antarctica sp. nov., a psychrophilic bacterium isolated from the Antarctic.
General Microbes JCM6325 , JCM8530 , JCM13450 , JCM12251 , JCM12084 , JCM12083 , JCM6290 , JCM13464 , JCM13465 , JCM13466 , ... Prevotella copri sp. nov. and Prevotella stercorea sp. nov., isolated from human faeces.
General Microbes JCM3321 , JCM13930 , JCM13931 Nonomuraea bangladeshensis sp. nov. and Nonomuraea coxensis sp. nov.
General Microbes JCM12289 , JCM8876 , JCM8878 , JCM13552 Halococcus thailandensis sp. nov., from fish sauce in Thailand.
General Microbes JCM3139 , JCM12869 Micromonospora krabiensis sp. nov., isolated from marine soil in Thailand.
General Microbes JCM15291 , JCM15148 , JCM15149 Butyricimonas synergistica gen. nov., sp. nov. and Butyricimonas virosa sp. nov., butyric acid-producing bacteria in the family 'Porphyromonadaceae' isolated from rat faeces.
General Microbes JCM15651 Flavobacterium chungangense sp. nov., isolated from a freshwater lake.
General Microbes JCM13257 , JCM15579 Marinifilum fragile gen. nov., sp. nov., isolated from tidal flat sediment.
General Microbes JCM15058 Pseudoclavibacter soli sp. nov., a {beta}-glucosidase-producing bacterium.
General Microbes JCM12360 Four novel Arthrobacter species isolated from filtration substrate.
General Microbes JCM11953 Nesterenkonia alba sp. nov., an alkaliphilic actinobacterium isolated from the black liquor treatment system of a cotton pulp mill.
General Microbes JCM12834 Description of Patulibacter americanus sp. nov., isolated from biological soil crusts, emended description of the genus Patulibacter Takahashi et al. 2006 and proposal of Solirubrobacterales ord. nov. and Thermoleophilales ord. nov.
Pathogenic microorganisms JCM 11413? Chryseobacterium miricola sp. nov., a novel species isolated from condensation water of space station Mir.
General Microbes JCM 14362 Four new species of Chryseobacterium from the rhizosphere of coastal sand dune plants, Chryseobacterium elymi sp. nov., Chryseobacterium hagamense sp. nov., Chryseobacterium lathyri sp. nov. and Chryseobacterium rhizosphaerae sp. nov.
General Microbes JCM 16463 Amnibacterium kyonggiense gen. nov., sp. nov., a new member of the family Microbacteriaceae.