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Human and Animal Cells KGN(RCB1154) ALG2 inhibits the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and stemness of ovarian granulosa cells through the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway in polycystic ovary syndrome.
Clawed frogs / Newts Xenopus tropicalis Zbtb21 is required for the anterior-posterior patterning of neural tissue in the early Xenopus embryo.
Human and Animal Cells ATDC5(RCB0565) Mast4 determines the cell fate of MSCs for bone and cartilage development.
DNA material DKK3-Halo (RDB19582) , TGFBI-Halo (RDB19583) , DKK3 delta Cys-2 (RDB19584) , DKK3 Nt (RDB19585) Roles of DKK3 in cellular adhesion, motility, and invasion through extracellular interaction with TGFBI.
Human and Animal Cells HCT116(RCB2979) Suppression of HCT116 Human Colon Cancer Cell Motility by Polymethoxyflavones is Associated with Inhibition of Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling.
Zebrafish Tg(narp:GALVP16) , Tg(UAS:TeNT) , Tg(brn3a-hsp70:GFP) , Tg(gpr151:GAL4VP16) , Tg(brn3a-hsp70:GFP-Cre) , Tg(UAS:loxP-DsRed-loxP-GFP-TeNT) Zebrafish Tools for Deciphering Habenular Network-Linked Mental Disorders.
Human and Animal Cells ATDC5(RCB0565) WISP-2 modulates the induction of inflammatory mediators and cartilage catabolism in chondrocytes.
Zebrafish Tg(6xTcf/LefBS-miniP:d2EGFP) A phospho-switch controls RNF43-mediated degradation of Wnt receptors to suppress tumorigenesis.
Zebrafish Tg(6xTcf/LefBS-miniP:d2EGFP)isi04 Increased apoptosis, reduced Wnt/β-catenin signaling, and altered tail development in zebrafish embryos exposed to a human-relevant chemical mixture.
DNA material pENTR4-H1 (RDB04395) , CS-RfA-EG (RDB04391) Identification of BCL11B as a regulator of adipogenesis.
Human and Animal Cells 293T(RCB2202) Planar cell polarity protein Vangl2 and its interacting protein Ap2m1 regulate dendritic branching in cortical neurons.
Human and Animal Cells KLM-1(RCB2138) , PANC-1(RCB2095) Tankyrase-Binding Protein TNKS1BP1 Regulates Actin Cytoskeleton Rearrangement and Cancer Cell Invasion.
Human and Animal Cells LoVo(RCB1639) , COLO-320(RCB1193) , COLO205(RCB2127) , HCT116(RCB2979) SERPINI1 regulates epithelial-mesenchymal transition in an orthotopic implantation model of colorectal cancer.
Zebrafish Tg(huC:GVP) Development of the anterior lateral line system through local tissue-tissue interactions in the zebrafish head.
Human and Animal Cells Li-7(RCB1941) TBX3 functions as a tumor suppressor downstream of activated CTNNB1 mutants during hepatocarcinogenesis.
Drosophila 10642R-1 , 10642R-2 Role of Armadillo repeat 2 and kinesin-II motor subunit Klp64D for wingless signaling in Drosophila.
C.elegans tm388 , tm1183 C. elegans Runx/CBFβ suppresses POP-1 TCF to convert asymmetric to proliferative division of stem cell-like seam cells.
Human and Animal Cells ATDC5(RCB0565) CXXC5 mediates growth plate senescence and is a target for enhancement of longitudinal bone growth.
C.elegans tm1416 Involvement of YAP-1, the Homolog of Yes-Associated Protein, in the Wnt-Mediated Neuronal Polarization in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Human and Animal Cells K562/Adr(RCB1898) Knockdown of the Wnt receptor Frizzled-1 (FZD1) reduces MDR1/P-glycoprotein expression in multidrug resistant leukemic cells and inhibits leukemic cell proliferation.