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Yeast KM311? Two histone marks establish the inner centromere and chromosome bi-orientation.
Yeast FY13725(PY615) , FY13789(PZ917) Phosphorylation of the CPC by Cdk1 promotes chromosome bi-orientation.
Drosophila Eiger, a TNF superfamily ligand that triggers the Drosophila JNK pathway.
Drosophila DGRC#109845 Reaper-mediated inhibition of DIAP1-induced DTRAF1 degradation results in activation of JNK in Drosophila.
Human and Animal Cells HSC-3 (RCB1975) Correlation between anti-survivin antibody and survivin mRNA expression in head and neck cancer patients.
Human and Animal Cells Terminally differentiated neutrophils predominantly express Survivin-2 alpha, a dominant-negative isoform of survivin.
Human and Animal Cells Lu-135 Small interfering RNA targeting survivin sensitizes lung cancer cell with mutant p53 to adriamycin.
Human and Animal Cells Identification of a small-molecule inhibitor of the interaction between Survivin and Smac/DIABLO.
Human and Animal Cells Survivin expression in tumor cell nuclei is predictive of a favorable prognosis in gastric cancer patients.
Human and Animal Cells Survivin, bcl-2 and matrix metalloproteinase-2 enhance progression of clear cell- and serous-type ovarian carcinomas.
Human and Animal Cells Expression of the antiapoptosis gene survivin in human leukemia.
Human and Animal Cells Increased expression of survivin in gastric cancer patients and in first degree relatives.
Human and Animal Cells Resistance to Fas-mediated apoptosis in human lung fibroblast.
Human and Animal Cells survivin messenger RNA expression is a good prognostic biomarker for oesophageal carcinoma.
Human and Animal Cells Inducible nitric oxide synthase and survivin messenger RNA expression in hepatocellular carcinoma.
Human and Animal Cells Quantitative analysis of apoptosis-related gene expression in hepatocellular carcinoma.
Human and Animal Cells Expression of survivin in astrocytic tumors: correlation with malignant grade and prognosis.
Human and Animal Cells Survivin gene expression positively correlates with proliferative activity of cancer cells in esophageal cancer.
Human and Animal Cells MEK kinase 1 mediates the antiapoptotic effect of the Bcr-Abl oncogene through NF-kappaB activation.
Human and Animal Cells Suppression of survivin expression inhibits in vivo tumorigenicity and angiogenesis in gastric cancer.