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Species Resource Title
Algae NIES-3389 , NIES-3390 Sexual reproduction of the snow alga Chloromonas fukushimae (Volvocales, Chlorophyceae) induced using cultured materials.
C.elegans tm4063 CEH-60/PBX and UNC-62/MEIS Coordinate a Metabolic Switch that Supports Reproduction in C. elegans.
Medaka d-rR/TOKYO (MT837) , OK-Cab (MT830) , Tg(olvas-GFP) (TG870) , V1a2^N68I (MT1347) , V1a1(del4) (MT1350) , avt^M1R (MT1349) An essential role of the arginine vasotocin system in mate-guarding behaviors in triadic relationships of medaka fish (Oryzias latipes).
Chicken / Quail Comparative analysis reveals the underlying mechanism of vertebrate seasonal reproduction.
Chicken / Quail Molecular basis for regulating seasonal reproduction in vertebrates.
Chicken / Quail Seasonal time measurement during reproduction.
Algae The genus Closterium, a new model organism to study sexual reproduction in streptophytes.
Chicken / Quail Molecular and Neuroendocrine Mechanisms of Avian Seasonal Reproduction.
Medaka esr1(del25) (MT1198) , OK-Cab (MT830) Establishment of estrogen receptor 1 (ESR1)-knockout medaka: ESR1 is dispensable for sexual development and reproduction in medaka, Oryzias latipes.
Algae NIES-67 , NIES-68 Sexual reproduction and sex determination in green algae.
C.elegans tm1340 Balanced trade-offs between alternative strategies shape the response of C. elegans reproduction to chronic heat stress.
Chicken / Quail Intrinsic photosensitivity of a deep brain photoreceptor.
Chicken / Quail Thyroid hormone and seasonal regulation of reproduction.
Drosophila Transgenic Drosophila simulans strains prove the identity of the speciation gene Lethal hybrid rescue.
Drosophila Endocrine regulation of aging and reproduction in Drosophila.
C.elegans tm2864 , tm2593 DAF-16-dependent suppression of immunity during reproduction in Caenorhabditis elegans.
C.elegans , INFORMATION tm2864 , tm2593 , C.elegans DAF-16-dependent suppression of immunity during reproduction in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Mice Spermatozoa and spermatids retrieved from frozen reproductive organs or frozen whole bodies of male mice can produce normal offspring.