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Drosophila Regulation of layer-specific targeting by reciprocal expression of a cell adhesion molecule, capricious.
General Microbes , Yeast JCM 8262 , JCM 8274 , JCM 21876 , JCM 21877 Remarkably simple sequence requirement of the M-factor pheromone of Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
Drosophila klingon, a novel member of the Drosophila immunoglobulin superfamily, is required for the development of the R7 photoreceptor neuron.
Cellular slime molds S90657 Induction of stalk cell differentiation by cyclic-AMP in a susceptible variant of Dictyostelium discoideum.
Mice TgN(GOFGFP)11Imeg Mature oocytes derived from purified mouse fetal germ cells.
Human embryonic stem cells KhES-1 Unique multipotent cells in adult human mesenchymal cell populations.
Zebrafish ? Vimentin regulates scribble activity by protecting it from proteasomal degradation.
DNA material Chicken N-cadherin full length cDNA (RDB01187). Cloning and expression of cDNA encoding a neural calcium-dependent cell adhesion molecule: its identity in the cadherin gene family.
Drosophila Src64B phosphorylates Dumbfounded and regulates slit diaphragm dynamics: Drosophila as a model to study nephropathies.
Cellular slime molds S00155 Tagging developmental genes in Dictyostelium by restriction enzyme-mediated integration of plasmid DNA.
Cellular slime molds S00528 The Dictyostelium essential light chain is required for myosin function.
Cellular slime molds S00033 Targeted disruption of the Dictyostelium RMLC gene produces cells defective in cytokinesis and development.
Cellular slime molds S00410 Phosphorylation of chemoattractant receptors is not essential for chemotaxis or termination of G-protein-mediated responses.
Cellular slime molds S00334 Production and activity of spore differentiation factors (SDFs) in Dictyostelium.
Cellular slime molds S00324 A cell-counting factor regulating structure size in Dictyostelium.
Cellular slime molds S00337 Guanylate cyclase in Dictyostelium discoideum with the topology of mammalian adenylate cyclase.
Cellular slime molds S00437 Social evolution: kin preference in a social microbe.
Cellular slime molds S00331 , S00473 Facultative cheater mutants reveal the genetic complexity of cooperation in social amoebae.
Cellular slime molds S00483 Self-recognition in social amoebae is mediated by allelic pairs of tiger genes.
Human and Animal Cells Necrotic regions are absent in fiber-shaped cell aggregates, approximately 100 μm in diameter.